How to use a smart lock

Smart door locks makes access easier for those responsible for the property and those who need access - and can be very easy to use

Detail of a hand holding a smartphone with a smart lock app on it and an open door

Using smart locks

Smart locks are very easy and intuitive to use, with valuable features that make life easier.

There are many reasons why people choose a smart door lock instead of a traditional lock for a business or residential property - it becomes easier to securely share keys (as well as revoke them), it provides great convenience and, if you choose the correct smart door lock, you can manage access to your property from anywhere in the world.

Fortunately, smart locks are straightforward to use and manage. Here’s some helpful info so you know how to use a smart door lock. Whether you are an administrator for a property or a user who wants to gain access, the process should be smooth and simple.

Smart locks use Bluetooth, 4G or Wi-Fi. Smart locks connected to Wi-Fi or 4G have the benefit of being controlled from anywhere, thus providing greater flexibility to administrators who run properties with these smart locks connected, whereas Bluetooth smart locks are limited to the range of Bluetooth.

With a smart door lock, you are likely to then have a digital key that will provide access. A physical key would also be most advantageous as a physical override.

  1. Why use a smart door lock?
  2. How do you use a smart door lock?
  3. How do you use smart locks with 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth?
  4. How is it possible to unlock a door remotely with a smart lock?
  5. Do you need a key to use most smart locks?
  6. Smart door locks
  7. How much are smart door locks?

Why use a smart door lock?

No matter whether you’re considering a smart lock for home, for your office, or another property, a smart lock has become a very popular and effective solution.

Then, when the smart lock is coupled with a smart access control solution, the benefits are greatly multiplied.

  • Smart door locks make it easier to securely share keys

    Within an office environment for example, a staff member might need access to his floor and selected meeting rooms.

    With a traditional lock, this would require them having individual keys to each individual lock - a costly and time-sapping experience.

    However, the benefit of smart locks within offices is that digital keys can be shared at the touch of a button, in seconds, and can instantly grant access to relevant doors.

  • It’s very simple to revoke access with a smart door lock

    If you have a higher turnover of staff, contractors, visitors, etc. then managing access through a single cloud-based system is almost a necessity, enabling administrators to revoke keys as and when required.

    With a smart lock and access control solution in place, the security of the building is maintained and in a way that brings significant time saving and cost saving benefits.

A hand holding a phone with a smart lock app that shows a key has been shared while the recipient is visible on a video call in the background

Smart locks make it possible to share or revoke access with people from your phone or computer

  • Smart door locks are more convenient

    The ability to easily manage access to a property is a major benefit of smart locks.

    When being responsible for access to multiple properties or venues, as in the case of property managers, the time consuming nature of managing traditional keys and the time saving nature of smart locks is increased.

    These time savings are further accentuated when a smart lock solution is combined with an access control system.

  • You can remotely manage access with a smart door lock

    A smart door lock that is connected to Wi-Fi or 4G (rather than to Bluetooth) can be controlled remotely. This is especially useful when visitors or contractors need to be let into a property but a digital key has yet to be shared with them. The administrator or property manager can simply activate the smart door lock and unlock the door. This is equally useful should emergency entry be required.

Closeup on a person relaxing and holding a smartphone showing the Klevio App Event log

Smart locks enable you to control and monitor access remotely from a phone or a computer

How do you use a smart door lock?

Sharing your smart locks’ digital keys

Once a smart lock is installed at a business premises, a manager or administrator would share digital keys with a user / member of staff / visitor.

For example, this can be achieved with a couple of clicks within the Klevio Operational Dashboard. See a demo for how this is done.

Using a digital key on your smart lock

Once a digital key has been shared, the user would then download the relevant app onto their smartphone. The digital key for a specific smart lock that they have received will be securely kept in this app.

A hand using a digital key on a smartphone to open a door

Digital keys for your smart lock live on your phone and computer where you can use and manage them easily

Are keycards viable?

A keycard is an alternative to the digital key on an app. However, the disadvantage of keycards is that they can easily be lost or forgotten by the user - thereby preventing them from using the smart lock. Whereas a smartphone is rarely out of a users’ sight.

Once a digital key has been used

Once the digital key has been used on the relevant smart lock, in the case of Klevio, the door then remains unlocked for 3 seconds. This enables the user to enter the space.

For peace of mind and additional security, the administrator is then notified what door has been unlocked, by whom and when.

Smart lock user using a smartphone and entering through a door

The smart lock system will log when a user has used a digital key to unlock your door

How do you use smart locks with 4G, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth

There are two main kinds of smart door locks:

1. Smart locks using Bluetooth

Smart lock apps for native smart door locks work in a similar way, all controlled by the manufacturer of the smart lock. Invariably, digital keys will be shared with you. To unlock a particular door, it will simply be a case of selecting the key and using it to unlock the door. Many of these apps then use Bluetooth to connect to the smart lock.

Unfortunately Bluetooth smart locks are limited to the range of Bluetooth so you can’t be too far away from the lock you want to control - this means the flexibility and freedom that administrators and users have with their smart lock is substantially reduced.

With that in mind, Bluetooth smart locks may not be effective solutions for Airbnb Hosts, property managers with multiple properties, properties that are managed off-site, any space that may have emergency access requirements, etc.

2. Smart locks connected to the internet

The alternative to Bluetooth smart locks is a smart lock that is connected to the internet by either 4G or Wi-Fi.

Internet connected smart lock solutions do not have the restrictions of Bluetooth. It therefore enables users to control the smart door lock from anywhere (as long as you have an internet connection). As a result, they are well suited to facilitating the management of properties at a distance or where regular travel would be inefficient.

The structure of the associated smart lock apps are then similar to other smart lock apps in that it gives a list of keys assigned to the user that they can then use as the administrator sets.

Detail of a smartphone's settings menu with wi-fi and bluetooth buttons

The app on your smartphone may utilise either Bluetooth or an internet connection to connect to your smart lock

How is it possible to unlock a door remotely with a smart lock?

Imagine the worst case scenario - for example, emergency services needing to gain access to the property at 2am. Would it be fast and straightforward to give them access whilst you’re still in bed?

The good news is that it is possible to remotely unlock a smart door lock - but you would need the correct smart door lock.

Wi-Fi & 4G smart locks provide remote access

If you want to unlock your door remotely with a smart lock, an ideal solution would be choosing a smart lock that has Wi-Fi or 4G connectivity. You could then be anywhere in the world and, as long as you have an internet connection, you would be able to unlock your door.

This solution is ideal if visitors, contractors, guests, staff, emergency services, etc. want to enter the premises but they haven’t been assigned a digital key (and an administrator is not extremely close to the property).

Person standing outside with coffee in one hand and a smartphone in the other, sharing digital keys via a smart lock app

If your smart lock app relies on an internet connection, you can unlock your doors remotely if you need to

Bluetooth smart locks don’t give effective remote access

Bluetooth smart locks unfortunately don’t have the functionality to unlock the door from anywhere in the world.

This is simply because your phone (the device that unlocks the Bluetooth smart lock) would need to be within Bluetooth range for the smart door lock to work.

Two people using a smartphone with digital keys to open a door

If your smart lock relies on Bluetooth, you can only unlock your door when you are in range

Do you need a key to unlock a smart lock?

Smart door locks with digital keys

Smart locks require you to have a digital key and this provides you with access permissions. Often the digital key will be securely stored in a smartphone app, a keycard or keycode.

Smart door locks with physical keys

The manual override is helpful in the event of a smart lock failing - so having a physical key option is also useful.

With adapted smart door locks, because your existing lock is used and just made smarter, you can also use your existing physical key, in the same way that you currently lock and unlock the door. As a result, you don’t need to get more physical keys cut.

Some, although not all, native smart door locks also enable you to use a physical key alongside a digital entry system.

Hands opening a door while holding a smartphone with a smart lock app and physical keys

Most adapted and some native smart locks may enable you to use physical keys as a manual override

How much are smart door locks?

Now you know how to use a smart door lock, you’ll likely want to know how much smart door locks cost. To find out, use our smart door lock price calculator.

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