Instruction manuals for Klevio hardware and software are available at the links below.
More information is also available at

If you have any further questions or if you require technical assistance, please contact the Klevio Customer Support Team at [email protected].


Klevio Omni

Console v3.0 & Controller v2.4
Manual ID: Omni-IM_1.2-202301-CS_v3.0-CT_v2.4
Download Klevio Omni CSv3.0 CTv2.4 manual
Updated 11 Jan 2023

Klevio Opener

Console v2.8 & Controller v2.4a
Manual ID: Opener-IM_1.1-202301-CS_v2.8-CT_v2.4a
Download Klevio Opener CSv2.8 CTv2.4a manual
Updated 11 Jan 2023

Klevio One

Console v2.8 & Controller v2.4a
Manual ID: One-IM_1.1-202301-CS_v2.8-CT_v2.4a-W4G
Download Klevio One CSv2.8 CTv2.4a manual
Updated 11 Jan 2023

Console v2.2 & Controller v2.1, Wi-Fi enabled
Manual ID: 201808-01-CS:2.2-CT:2.1-W
Download Klevio One CSv2.2 CTv2.1 Wi-Fi manual

Klevio Extender

Hardware v1.1
Manual ID: Ext-IM1.0-202102-HWv1.1
Download Klevio Extender HWv1.1 manual


Klevio Dashboard

Quick Start Guide for version 0.24.0
Manual ID: Dash-QSG:2.1-202212-SW:0.24.0
Download Klevio Dashboard SW:0.24.0 Quick Start Guide
Updated 27 Dec 2022

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