Klevio works with your existing setup

Klevio integrated with an existing lock and intercom

Klevio works with any existing doors, locks and entry systems. See how your existing setup works with Klevio and how easy it is to fit.

Find your lock

  • Rim latch

    A rim latch is mounted on the inside of your door and secures your door using a triangular latch.

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    Rim latch
  • Mortice latch

    A mortice latch has a triangular bolt similar to a rim latch, but is installed within the door itself.

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    Mortice latch
  • Mortice deadbolt

    A mortice deadbolt is a square bolt which is installed within the door.

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    Mortice deadbolt
  • Multi-point locks

    A multi-point lock is one that throws multiple bolts or hooks, usually when you lift the external handle.

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    Multi-point locks
  • Several locks

    Klevio is designed to work with the primary lock on your door. If you’re looking to control several locking mechanisms simultaneously please get in touch for a bespoke quote.

    Several locks

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Intercom compatibility

Replacement or parallel

Klevio is compatible with most intercom systems. For fully compatible intercoms, we can remove your current device and install Klevio as your new intercom in its place. Alternatively, you may choose to keep your current device (for example, if it has video features) and have Klevio installed alongside it. For partially compatible intercoms, only this last option is available.

Upcoming features

Fully compatible intercoms will let you access new Klevio features when they are released, such as receiving remote doorbell alerts & speaking to visitors remotely through the Klevio App. For partially compatible intercoms, only basic digital access features will be available.

Find your intercom

Enter your intercom make and model

To check the options available to you, select the make and model of your intercom using the drop down menu below.

Your intercom is compatible with:

Digital Unlocks

Audio Functionality

Doorbell Notifications

Parallel Installation

Replacement Installation

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Klevio is easily installed

Klevio installer mounting a Klevio device on a wall

Whichever way you want it, we’ve got you covered

Installation is straightforward because Klevio uses your existing doors, locks, entry systems.

Depending upon the property location, our trained installers can complete the installation or we can support your own installers. Either way, you get the smart lock solution you need - conveniently.

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What we’ll need to do...

Our installer will swap the metal keep on your door frame with an electric strike. If you’d like to replace or upgrade your rim latch, we can offer this as part of your installation package as they are easily interchangeable.

Our installer will either add a morticed electric strike within your doorframe, or an electronic split spindle within the lock, depending on which is more suitable.

Our installer will normally swap the deadbolt lock for a latch lock (retaining your keys) and add either a mortice strike or an electric split spindle (depending on best suitability). Alternatively, we can add an additional rim latch for use with Klevio and retain this lock as back-up.

For these, our installer will use an electric strike or electric split spindle to install Klevio to operate on the latch, meaning the door will secure itself under Klevio control when the door is pulled shut. If you then choose to deadbolt the door, Klevio will become temporarily disabled. For full multi-point control, get in touch with our team.