Keyless entry control

Manage access easier - any door, any time, anywhere

A key in a phone A key in a phone

You get it all, only with Klevio

Klevio is the only digital smart lock solution to deliver all 3 major requirements:


Klevio is easily retrofitted onto any of your existing doors, locks or entry systems

Any time

Manage access 24 / 7 / 365 - Klevio is always working for you and your property


Manage access from anywhere - remotely grant or revoke access for staff, guests, visitors, etc.

No more access headaches

Klevio app showing unlocking doors

Unlock doors from your phone or computer

Klevio is the smart access solution for businesses that makes life easier for property managers.

  • Goodbye physical keys and forgotten fobs - hello simpler & securer access.
  • Manage access to your business from anywhere, at any time.
  • Share and revoke keys & monitor access with a tap on your phone - no key handovers.

Businesses using Klevio

The Klevio system

A montage of the Klevio App, Klevio Dashboard and a Klevio device

Keyless Access Management: complete, convenient, clear

The Klevio suite of tools gives you everything you need to easily manage access to your property or business.

Klevio hardware is installed at the property to deliver secure keyless access.

The Klevio Dashboard is your access management tool with advanced key sharing & monitoring features.

The Klevio Phone App is a digital key - the more secure and convenient way to unlock doors for you, your employees, residents or clients.

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It’s easy to make your life easier

Our experts are here to help. There’s no obligation - just great support so you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your business.

Don't just take our word for it

Office managers, employees, guests - everyone loves the efficiency of Klevio

Everything you need, today & ongoing

Dashboard for door access management

Dashboard features make life even easier - including bulk user uploads, labelling and App-less Access. See the Dashboard

Share key management privileges

Give your admins the power to manage access to your properties with (re)shareable keys.

App-less Access

Enable people to use digital keys without downloading the Klevio App.

Device health check

We monitor over 15 health alarms for Klevio devices & will be in touch in the unlikely event of anything going wrong.

API access for integration

Integrate Klevio with your existing systems, such as your HR system, booking management platform & more.

Ongoing support

Enjoy peace of mind all the time with comprehensive, ongoing support for our keyless access solution for both our clients & end users via phone or online chat.

Klevio is a great choice for...

Installing Klevio

New build architectural plans

For new-builds

Klevio can be installed in your new project as a standalone entry system. Take smart access to a new level by integrating additional fingerprint sensors, keypads, fob readers & more.

Klevio integrated with an existing lock and intercom

For existing setups

Klevio can upgrade existing locks, doors & entry systems with the benefits of digital keys, while keeping your existing keys, fobs & locks intact. Check how your existing setup is compatible

Access your way, at any scale

Sketch of Klevio in a multi-apartment building

Control an entire building...

Klevio can be wired from a building’s central access unit to control communal and private doors. It can do this as a standalone solution or by upgrading an existing intercom system.

See our business package for managers

Sketch of a Klevio device connected to a door and an existing intercom in an apartment

...or one unit only

Whether an apartment or a multi-floor office, Klevio can integrate with an intercom handset inside a single unit to control both the main communal entrance & your private doors. This allows full digital access to the space regardless of the system the rest of the building is using!

Learn how to control your locks

Lockers, gates & other installations

Klevio can be installed in lots of different setups outside of what traditional intercom & entry systems can offer. See a video of a Klevio-controlled food truck

Please contact our Team to discover how Klevio can help you.

Learn how Klevio can make your spaces safer during COVID-19

Klevio enables contactless access & remote access control, both powerful tools to minimise risk & contact in times of a global pandemic.

Contact our team for more details

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