Your phone
can now open doors

Klevio device next to a phone with Klevio application Klevio device next to a phone with Klevio application Klevio device next to a phone with Klevio application

Unlock doors and share digital keys from anywhere

What is Klevio

Klevio App and device

Like a smart lock - only smarter

Klevio is a smart intercom device and app that lets you open doors remotely with your phone. It removes the need for physical keys, uncluttering your bags, pockets and your schedule, without any compromise on security. And there's no changing locks involved either.

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Klevio app showing unlocking doors

Your app is your key

The Klevio app lets you unlock doors remotely, directly from your smartphone. It also lets you share digital keys with people you trust, so they can access your home from their own phone – and you can revoke them instantly too.

Smart door entry
for homes and businesses

  • Give access to guests remotely

    Are you an Airbnb host? Allow self check-in for your guests by sharing digital keys with them or letting them in remotely.

    Learn more about Klevio for short term lets

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  • The only smart lock that works for flats

    Unlock both private and communal doors remotely and share digital keys with people you trust - with no need to change your locks. Klevio works like an ordinary intercom too, but it also lets you do everything from your app.

    Learn more about the device & app

    A woman walking through the door and holding a phone and keys
  • A smart solution for key management

    Whether you’re a short-let operator, a property manager or an office owner, being able to unlock multiple doors remotely and manage keys digitally will save you time and money.

    Learn more about Klevio for Business

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Klevio device

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Opened door

Live a key-free life

What makes Klevio different to a smart lock

Multiple doors

Controls private and communal doors

If you live in an apartment you can use Klevio with the communal door too – from both your app and device. And because the device lives inside your flat, no-one outside will even know you have it.

See how Klevio works

A woman walking through the door and holding a phone and keys

Retrofitted device

If your door needs one, we’ll retrofit an electric strike onto your existing locks, meaning - unlike with a smart lock - no lock replacement is needed.

What is an electric strike

Communal mailboxes and communal doors in the background

No changes beyond your private door

The only changes needed are inside your flat, so you don’t have to worry about modifying the communal area.

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