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Unlock doors and share digital keys from your phone

Person with phone in hand, suitcase in front and Klevio One on the wall Person with phone in hand, suitcase in front and Klevio One on the wall

What is Klevio?

Klevio app showing unlocking doors

Like a smart lock - only smarter

Klevio is a smart intercom device and app that lets you unlock multiple doors with your mobile phone. It works with both private and communal doors, offering the perfect smart lock solution for apartments.

Klevio app showing key sharing

Make physical keys a thing of the past

Swap your old keys for digital ones, so all you need when you leave home is your phone. Let other people in remotely, and share digital keys with them so they can use Klevio to access your home from their own phones too.

We’ve tested thousands products on The Sinsa, but none have had an impact like Klevio One.

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Unlock doors from anywhere

What makes Klevio different to a smart lock?

Sketch of Klevio device connected to flat and communal door

Controls multiple doors

If you live in an apartment, you can use Klevio to unlock the communal door too – from both your Klevio app and device. It works by connecting to your existing intercom system, turning it into a smart intercom that you can operate remotely.

See how Klevio works

Sketch of Klevio device connected through existing intercom

No changes to locks or communal areas

Unlike other smart locks, Klevio doesn’t require any lock replacements and you still have the option of using your old keys if you ever need to. And as no changes are needed in communal areas, your building management don’t even need to know you have Klevio.

What I like about Klevio is that it’s invisible from outside.

Who is Klevio for?

Making life simpler for short let hosts

Meet Klevio One

Klevio One device

Your smart intercom device

Klevio One is installed in your home by our in-house installation team. It works like an ordinary intercom, but it can also be used through the Klevio app so you can open your private and communal doors directly from your phone.

Learn more about the app & device

The major upside of this approach is that Klevio isn’t re-inventing the whole wheel.


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