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Your phone
can now open doors

Open doors and share digital keys from anywhere

What is Klevio?

Klevio App and device

An intercom and app that lets you open doors remotely

Klevio is a smart intercom system that makes your life simpler. Or to put it anther way, it's not a smart lock - it's even smarter. It removes the need to use or give out physical keys, uncluttering your bags, pockets and your schedule, without any compromise on security. And there's no changing locks involved either.

Life with Klevio

A photo of a person going out for a run

Leave your keys at home

You've checked your route and timed your run from your phone – why not let yourself back in with it too?

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Share and revoke keys

Want to give other people keys to your home? You can share digital keys with people you live with, or anyone else for that matter. And you can revoke them instantly too.

What makes Klevio special

  • Controls private and communal doors

    If you live in an apartment you can use Klevio with the communal door too – from both your app and device. And because the device lives inside your own flat, you don’t need to modify the communal area at all.

    Private and comunal doors displayed in the app
  • Retrofitted device

    If your door needs one, we’ll retrofit an electric strike onto your existing locks, meaning no lock replacement is needed to give you a seriously smart solution

    A man with lugage using Klevio infront of an old building
  • Let people in when you're not home

    With Klevio you can buzz in friends, helpers or tradespeople from wherever you are, even if that’s miles from home.

    Group of young people on the rooftop having piknic while unlocking doors

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