The tech behind every unlock

Seamlessly executed. Proven 1.5+ million times.

From your app to your lock

An unlock command is sent from your phone to a Klevio device that unlocks the door

From app to unlock, lightning fast

A simple swipe on the digital key in the Klevio app or Web Dashboard sends an unlock command through secure servers to the Klevio device installed at the property. The device then triggers the appropriate lock. And all this happens in under 500 milliseconds.

A Klevio device connects directly to an apartment door and indirectly to the communal door via an existing intercom system

Control access from your fingertips

A Klevio device is usually wired to locks directly or via an existing system. Bluetooth key-turners may also be used. If your current doors aren’t electric, we’ll electrify them without changing your keys.

Once a Klevio device is connected to a lock, you can control it from your Klevio App or Dashboard.

See how Klevio works with your existing setup

How we electrify your doors

  • Electric strike

    An electric strike sits in the door frame as a replacement for the traditional fixed metal keep. It can be wired to a Klevio and will release when it receives an unlock command. Learn more about electric strikes in this video

    Electric strike
  • Mag lock

    This is a fully electric lock that’s commonly used in shops & offices. It provides an easy way of installing Klevio on things like double doors and other setups where an electric strike isn’t an option.

    Mag lock
  • Battery powered key turner

    A key turner is a device that attaches directly onto your door and turns a key when triggered. It runs on batteries and communicates with your Klevio device via Bluetooth instead of wiring. We usually recommend a key turner for doors with deadbolts.

    Key turner

Integrating with access systems & intercoms

Klevio installer working on existing intercom handset

Replacement or parallel installations

Klevio is fully compatible with all access control systems, including those from Paxton, BPT, URMET, Comelit & PAC GDX. We are also compatible with all analogue intercom systems and several digital intercom systems. Your current handset can be replaced or it can be kept with Klevio installed in parallel.

To see how your current system would work with Klevio, please visit our Compatibility page

It’s easy to make your life easier

Our experts are here to help. There’s no obligation - just great support so you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your business.

Installing Klevio

Klevio installer mounting a Klevio device on a wall

Trained installers &
technical support

In some parts of the UK we can provide trained Klevio installers to implement or assist with your installation. For other areas, we can provide technical support so you can install Klevio successfully - please contact our Solutions Team for more details

A person taking a picture of a door lock

The installation survey

Before we proceed with your installation, we will send you a survey where you’ll document all the doors & locks you want to integrate with Klevio. This enables us to prepare the right hardware solution for your setup.

Example installation with
an existing intercom handset

Secure apps & dependable hardware

One hand holds a door handle while another hand holds a smartphone with an image of a shield on the screen

Maximum security

Our Klevio apps use bank-level encryption standards and our devices are connected to mains power - no batteries involved.

Learn more about our apps & hardware

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