How it Works

Your device and app working together to unlock doors


Swipe and press

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Klevio device

device activates

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Opened door


Behind the scenes

Phone connecting to the device over Wi-Fi or 4G.

Your app communicates with the device

The Klevio One device connects to Klevio’s secure servers via Wi-Fi or 4G, letting you unlock doors remotely from your smartphone. When triggered by the app, our servers communicate with the device and instruct it to unlock your doors.

Klevio device is connected to multiple doors - unlocking them with electric current put through electric strike or via intercom.

Allows smart control of a normal lock

For a door to be Klevio-enabled, it needs to be electrified. Most intercom-enabled doors like communal entrances already have electric locks. But for regular doors, we can install different types of additional hardware that enable Klevio without changing your original lock - meaning you can keep your existing keys.

Professional Installation

Klevio device as a smart intercom mounted on the wall

No lock changes needed

To enable Klevio on your private door, we’ll need to add an electric strike to the door frame, but no changes to the communal area will be required. A cable will be discreetly run from the electric strike to the Klevio One device.

Communal door entrance

Integrating with your intercom handset

Our in-house installer will integrate Klevio either as a replacement or in parallel with your existing intercom handset, depending on your specific setup. By using the existing wiring in the building, this enables Klevio to open the communal door.

Installed in parallel with
your existing intercom handset

A secure and dependable entry system

Senior backend developer coding

Maximum security

Klevio uses bank-level encryption standards, including cryptographically signed messages, giving you the same peace of mind as when you make bank transactions from your phone. A time-coded event log lets you see who's entered your property — and when — further enhancing Klevio's security safeguards.

Senior backend developer coding

Discreet & fail-secure

The Klevio device is only visible from inside your home, so no-one outside will even know you have it. And as it's connected to the mains, it can't run out of battery.

Specs of your Klevio One

Klevio device wire drawing from front and side perspective

Klevio device in detail

Size (mm): 160 x 160 x 34
Connectivity: Bluetooth 5, WiFi b/g/n (2.4GHz, WPA2)
Power: 12V / 2A, power supply 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A
Intercom compatibility: a broad range of intercom systems including 2-wire and 5-wire systems

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