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Office life made more efficient and effective

Employee coming through office glass door with the Klevio App Employee coming through office glass door with the Klevio App

Keyless remote access

The Klevio App showing digital keys on it next to an image of physical keys

More efficient than keys or fobs

Control access to your office with digital keys that can be shared with staff and contractors. Unlock doors remotely & monitor access from the Klevio Web Dashboard & Smartphone App.

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Digital keys are definitely the future for businesses. Moving forward I can’t see anyone going back to physical keys.

Rose McCourt, Operations Director - LocalGlobe

A game-changing door entry system for offices

Save time & money

No more cutting keys & managing fobs - effortlessly share multiple keys to keep up with staff turnover and growth.

Keep your existing locks

Remove the need for physical keys and fobs by connecting Klevio to your current access system – with no need to change any locks.

Simplify access for staff & contractors

Share permanent or time-limited keys with employees and contractors to their phones - and revoke them instantly, too.

Gain a complete overview of all door unlocks

See at a glance who’s entered and when via a time-coded Event Log.

Control everything remotely

Unlock multiple doors from your phone or computer with no need to be present on-site - Klevio works from anywhere.

It’s easy to make your life easier

Our experts are here to help. There’s no obligation - just great support so you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your business.

Manage access with the Klevio Web Dashboard

Klevio web Dashboard features

  • Time-limited keys

    Specify the precise times when shared keys activate and expire - to the day, hour and even minute.

    An analogue clock on a wall
  • Reshareable keys

    Enable employees & managers to re-share your keys with trusted colleagues or contractors.

    Two people with phones in hand
  • Event log

    Monitor when people you've shared keys with have unlocked your doors via a time-coded Event Log.

    Event log in Klevio Dashboard
  • Bulk user import

    Share keys with large numbers of people at once by uploading a .CSV spreadsheet file exported from Excel, Google Spreadsheets or similar apps.

    A group of people looking at a computer
  • Door status check

    Check whether your Klevio is online directly from your App or Dashboard.

    A door and an intercom handset with a Klevio device installed next to them

Seamlessly integrated with your office & building

Intercom entry panel

Compatible with your building’s current intercom system

Klevio is fully compatible with Paxton, BPT, URMET and many other leading access control brands. To see how your current system would work with Klevio, please visit our Compatibility page

Klevio installer mounting a Klevio device on a wall

Simple, hassle-free installation

A Klevio device is fitted inside your office by our in-house installation team or your contractor, with no need to modify your current system or any communal areas in your building. More about the Klevio system

The Klevio system

A montage of the Klevio App, Klevio Dashboard and a Klevio device

A 3-part access solution

Klevio hardware is installed at your property to enable keyless access.

The Klevio Smartphone App is your digital key - a new way of unlocking doors for you, your employees, contractors or clients.

The Klevio Dashboard for business users is an advanced tool for managing large numbers of keys.

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Organisations of all sizes trust Klevio

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