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Combining to create your smart intercom system

A person outside a door

Hey I’m outside, can you let me in?

A person away on holiday

Sure, I’ll buzz you in from my phone

A person entering the property

*Click* Thanks!

Klevio One device

Person answering a door using Klevio One smart intercom device

Wi-Fi and 4G connected intercom

It rings as a doorbell and unlocks private and communal doors using standard push buttons - but it also enables you to do all these things directly from the Klevio app on your phone, from anywhere in the world. All you need is an internet connection.

Let yourself in
with your phone

The Klevio App

Hand holding phone, other hand opening door

Unlock doors

Let yourself and others in remotely from the Klevio app.

Person with suitcase and phone in hand entering apartment with Klevio One in the background

Share and revoke keys

Share digital keys with others so they can let themselves in when you’re not there – and revoke them instantly too.

And that's not all...

  • Time-limited keys

    Issue keys that only work for the duration that you specify and are deleted automatically.

    Setting time limited keys in Klevio App
  • Event log

    Keep tabs on people you’ve shared keys with by seeing their unlocks via a time-coded event log.

    A woman watching event log in the Klevio App
  • App notifications

    Get notified whenever there’s an unlock on one of your doors, when you receive a digital key and when the key is accepted.

    Phone with notification

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