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Advanced Hardware

Klevio hardware

Control your locks at speed whilst looking great

Instantly transform your existing locks into ultra-effective smart locks with the powerful and stylish Klevio device. In less than 500 milliseconds, the device is able to receive the unlock request from the users’ app and unlock the relevant door.

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Hardware add-ons for extra ease

  • Intercom handset

    Your Klevio device can function as a handset as well, enabling you to use Klevio as you would a traditional intercom.

    Person using a Klevio device as an intercom handset
  • Keypads

    Do you have a space you'd like to access with just a simple pin code? Klevio can integrate with a range of keypads, all of which you can control safely from the Klevio Dashboard.

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  • Fob readers

    Klevio can also integrate with fob readers, enabling you to designate & track fobs from the Klevio Dashboard.

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    Fob reader
  • Fingerprint sensors

    Klevio integration solutions are also available for fingerprint sensors, enabling you to control & track locks with fingerprint identification from your Klevio apps.

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    Fingerprint sensor

It’s easy to make your life easier

Our experts are here to help. There’s no obligation - just great support so you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your business.

Simple, powerful Software

Klevio Smartphone App

Your mobile phone becomes your key

Enjoy fast access to your digital keys for instant unlocking and powerful sharing and tracking features with the free Klevio phone app, available on the App Store and Google Play.

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Klevio Web Dashboard

The Klevio Web Dashboard is your management tool

The Klevio Dashboard is an advanced property management web application for sharing & tracking large numbers of keys. Easily accessible on desktop, laptop, tablet, etc. Available with our business package subscription.

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Top software features

  • Time-limited keys

    Customise shared keys so they only work for the duration you specify - and are then deleted automatically.

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    Time-limited keys on the Klevio App
  • Track access activity

    See who's accessing your properties & when via a time-coded Event Log. For business users, the Klevio Dashboard offers additional filtering & exporting options.

    Access activity shown on the Klevio App
  • Get notified when keys are used

    You can customize your notifications & get alerted each time someone unlocks one of your doors, when you receive a digital key, or when a key you've shared is accepted.

    Access notifications on a smartphone
  • Unlock doors remotely

    You can let people in to your properties instantly from wherever you are without sharing your keys - which is especially important in cases of emergency.

    A guest waiting in front of a building for a door to unlock
  • Change access settings instantly

    There's no wait period for keys to get cut, programmed or returned - Klevio is immediate.

    Someone on a video call instantly receiving keys shared through the Klevio App

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