Office Door Access Control Systems

How to control entry to your office - even when you’re not there

An office space with a door on the left and office desks on the right An office space with a door on the left and office desks on the right

Improve your office door access control system

This article explains how you can improve your office door access control system.

This is critical because a simplified office door access control system actually makes work (and life) smoother and easier for office managers, business owners, staff and contractors.

Klevio customer Rose McCourt

Digital keys are definitely the future for businesses. Moving forward I can’t see anyone going back to physical keys.

Rose McCourt, Operations Director - LocalGlobe

Get your office door access control system under control

Klevio’s smart lock solution enables office managers and business owners to easily manage access for their office staff - all from the Klevio web dashboard or phone app.

Klevio is the smart access control system that’s transforming the way offices manage access:

  • Say goodbye to lost keys and forgotten fobs and hello to secure keyless access.
  • Control who has access to your office, identify when they enter and unlock doors for them remotely - from a web dashboard or phone app.
  • To keep everyone safe, minimise the number of people touching keys, fobs or smartcards.

The Klevio App showing digital keys for doors in an office building next to an image of physical keys

Easily manage access to your office from your phone or computer

Why do businesses choose Klevio for their office door access control solution?

There are several benefits to Klevio as the preferred access solution for offices:

  • Klevio is easily retrofitted onto any of your existing doors, locks or entry systems meaning your office doors can still be locked and unlocked with your existing fobs and keys if required (saving expense and inconvenience of having to change locks, fobs and keys).
  • The access control for your office doors can be managed from anywhere, meaning you don’t have to be tethered to your intercom. You can issue time-limited digital keys for any of your office doors that are then activated and deactivated exactly when you want them to be.
  • The Klevio access control system is compatible with any of your existing locks and office doors.
  • With Klevio, there are no keys or fobs for staff or contractors to forget - everything lives in the cloud, which you can access with your account.
  • It allows you to keep track of who enters and when, via a time-coded entry log.
  • You can control multiple doors from one hardware device, software dashboard or smartphone app.
  • It’s cloud-based, so there’s no need to maintain a separate computer or operating system just to issue and manage keys, fobs or cards.
  • You’re able to lock and unlock doors while reducing contact - enabling your business to have a clean working environment.

An office employee sitting in front of a computer screen showing the Klevio Dashboard

Klevio is easily implemented in your office to simplify access management

An office door entry system like no other

The Klevio app and web dashboard simplify access management, whether you use keys, cards, fobs or go keyless.

You can allow colleagues and contractors to enter your office using just their mobile phones as digital keys (thereby making entry contactless).

No matter where you are, what time it is or even if you are social-distancing, you can respond to call-outs and emergencies instantly by granting access remotely.

You can issue time-limited keys so they automatically activate and expire at the times of your choosing, ensuring no-one can enter outside of those periods.

You can see who has keys to each of your offices/properties at any given time and review a log of who’s let themselves in where and when - a great feature for companies with high staff turnover or who regularly use short-term contractors.

A person with a bag opening a door with the Klevio app

Klevio removes the need for keys and fobs & can even be used remotely

What goes on in the Access Control Dashboard?

In addition to our phone app, Klevio also has available a desktop dashboard to managers so they have convenient access control of their offices:

A clock icon

Time-limited keys

You can limit when digital keys become active and inactive, not just by date but by the precise hour and minute too. You can set up these time-limits when you issue a key, or edit a key you’ve already sent.

An icon showing three arrowheads one after each other pointing right

Reshareable keys

You can issue shareable keys to your staff or contractors (or anyone else who might need access to your office), who can then reshare those keys via the Klevio app or dashboard.

An icon showing multiple users

Bulk user import

To share keys with a large number of people at the same time, you can upload a CSV spreadsheet file (exported from Excel, Google Spreadsheets or other). This access control feature is very helpful for those in offices with a large workforce and/or high staff turnover.

A clock icon outlined by an arrow going backwards symbolizing activity history

Event log

The Klevio event log gives you access to an entry log so you can see who’s unlocked any office door from their phone - enabling you to check the right staff / contractors have arrived at the right time.

An icon of a door with an exclamation mark in the corner

Online/offline office door status

You can see whether your Klevio is online or offline by checking the door status.

A message icon

Include a message when sharing access

During the last step (‘review’) of creating a key, you can add a personalised message for the staff member to read in their ‘new key’ email alert.

An icon of a user and a key

Managing keys & users

You can see which keys have been activated (i.e. successfully accepted by the employee / contractor) and grant key-sharing privileges with trusted employees.

Technical talk about your office door access control system

One hand holds a door handle while the other hand holds a phone with the Klevio app and a bunch of physical keys

Keep your keys / fobs

It’s the perfect add-on to any existing intercom or access control system as it allows existing fobs or key cards to still be used.

A Klevio device mounted next to an intercom handset


Klevio is fully compatible with Paxton, BPT, URMET and many other access control systems.

An installer mounting a Klevio device on a wall

Flexible installation

Klevio can either be installed by our operations team, or your office fitting company or electrical contractor, with minimal training.

A side view of a person typing on a laptop computer


You are welcome to integrate Klevio with your own HR system, meeting room booking management platform, etc.

Frontal image of a customer support person talking into her headset and looking down at a laptop screen

Customer support

Once installed, Klevio offers in-house customer support and relations for both installations and your app/device.

A hand putting coins into a piggy bank

Save time & money

Office managers save time and money spent on cutting and managing keys and fobs by issuing digital keys instead.

How Klevio provides access control to your office doors

Klevio can easily be installed independently or connected to your current office access system.

You may already have an access control solution setup in your office building. In such cases, we’ll simply connect Klevio to your existing system and our device will work as an add-on without any changes required to your setup.

This will enable you to control both the outside communal door and your office door remotely, from anywhere, through the Klevio phone app and dashboard.

If your office isn’t already intercom-enabled or doesn’t have an existing access control system in place for office doors, we can fit an electric strike to one or more doors in order to enable Klevio.

In such cases, there’s no need to change any existing doors or locks - so all of your existing office keys & fobs will continue to work.

An employee holding a glass office door open

Klevio works with existing office doors & any access systems that may already be in place

Klevio and your office management

Klevio can be easily added, but also removed from an existing, broader access control system within the office building. If your company is a tenant in a much larger building that already has an access control system, you’re still able to enjoy all the benefits of Klevio in your office.

As an example, you could instal Klevio in an electric cupboard - you can also choose a Klevio device with intercom access capabilities that is installed on your office wall or is placed on your reception desk.

The Klevio keyless access device can control your locks both directly and by integrating with your existing access system.

Klevio devices installed in an electrical cupboard

Klevio devices can be installed in a cupboard out of sight (example above) or used as entry panels at your reception desk

Operate your locks with the Klevio device

The Klevio devices installed at your office connect to our secure servers via Wi-Fi or 4G, letting you control office doors remotely from either your Klevio web dashboard or phone app.

When the signal is received, the server communicates with the access control Klevio device located in your office to release the lock, allowing you to open the door without a physical key.

An unlock command is sent from your phone to a Klevio device that unlocks the door

Your Klevio app or dashboard sends unlock commands to a Klevio device which unlocks your door

Klevio and security

Klevio uses bank-level encryption standards, giving you the same level of security as when you make financial transactions online. For additional peace of mind, no changes are visible on the outside of the property, making Klevio a more discreet access control solution than many smart locks.

For companies who need to adhere to FCA regulations, Klevio also enables you to view an entry log showing who’s entered your building/office and when.

One hand holds a door handle while another hand holds a smartphone with an image of a shield on the screen

Klevio uses bank-level encryption standards to secure your access system

These businesses use Klevio as their office door access control system

Platoon Studios

Klevio user Oliver Bloice

“As the team’s grown it’s been really easy having Klevio, because I can just issue a key from my computer - I don’t need to go to the management company to get them to program a new fob.”

- Oliver Bloice, Talent & Digital Manager at Platoon Studio

Formerly Mark Ronson’s “Zelig Studios”, Platoon is a first class recording space based at Tileyard Studios in Kings Cross, London. Klevio has been installed in the studio as well as in the offices of Platoon HQ as a replacement upgrade to their existing intercom system.


Klevio user Rose McCourt

“We have a lot of people come and go - it’s the nature of our business. So to not have to shed £25 for every person we want to be able to use the office is super handy, also in terms of then tracking & controlling who has access.”

- Rose McCourt, Operations Director at LocalGlobe

Local Globe is a venture capital firm in London that has seeded the likes of Citymapper, Moo and Zoopla. The firm is open to sharing their office space with the companies they fund, which could mean regular fob programming and handovers on a weekly basis with limited oversight. But with Klevio, the entire process becomes manageable and transparent, all from the Klevio dashboard. Klevio has been installed in their main office since January 2017.

What to do now

Our comprehensive guide on smart locks for businesses is a useful resource if you are looking to improve your office door access control.

Plus, our team of experts will also be able to advise you on the different office access control systems available and their respective advantages and disadvantages. So, if you’re considering your options, simply use the web chat at or call us on +(44) 20 3322 7981.

We look forward to helping you.

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