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A smarter door entry system

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Keyless Access Control

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Remove all the hassles of key management

Meet Klevio – contactless access control system that will transform the way your business manages keys. Eliminate the risk of lost keys by using keyless access, let people into your properties remotely, control who has access and keep tabs on when they enter - all done from your personal dashboard or smartphone app. And you don’t even need to change a single lock.

Klevio lets me do the work of three people. Without it, running my business would be impossible.

Why your business needs Klevio

Short term lets

With Klevio guests can check themselves in 24 hours a day with digital keys you share in advance, or you can let them in remotely using your phone. So no more endless meet-and-greets, and no need for them to use keyboxes or keydrops either. What’s more, you can issue time-limited keys that only work for the duration of a guest’s stay.

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Property management

Remove the headache of managing large numbers of keys by issuing residents with digital ones, giving them the option of accessing your property directly from their phone, rather than using their physical keys. And avoid having to meet contractors on-site too, by letting them in remotely from the Klevio app or dashboard.

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No more endlessly handing out keys, cards or fobs to new staff, or hunting down and replacing lost ones. And no more time-consuming journeys to let in contractors and colleagues, either. It’s easy for your reception team to use too, with everything controlled remotely from our app or dashboard.

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Enable additional features with our business package

Dashboard for multiple property management

Get access to features beyond the Klevio app, including bulk user uploads, labelling and Klevio App-less Access.

Reshareable keys

Centrally share keys based on specific roles of your employees - reshareable keys can then be then passed on to someone else.

App-less Access

Use Klevio for a limited time without having to download the Klevio app.

Active monitoring of over 15 health alarms

If anything goes wrong, we’ll be in touch and provide support to prevent the device from ever dropping offline.

API access for integration

Integrate Klevio with your existing systems, such as your HR system, meeting room booking management platform and others.

Live chat & phone support

We’re available to speak to both our clients and end users via online chat through the Klevio website and app, or by phone.

Your 3-part solution to access management

  • Device

    • Installed either as a replacement for, or in parallel with, your current intercom
    • Works as a traditional intercom, i.e. rings like a doorbell and lets you speak to people outside
    • Wi-Fi and 4G connected, and installed by Klevio’s professional team
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  • Dashboard

    • Tailored for easy desktop use
    • Share multiple keys with the same person in an instant
    • Monitor who’s entered and when via a time-coded event log
    iMac on a desk in an office environment
  • App

    • Share keys with others so they can access your buildings from their phone
    • Let people in remotely from your own phone
    • Use all Klevio’s features, wherever you are
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A custom approach

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Contact us for more information

No two businesses are the same, which is why we offer custom installations to suit your particular needs. We can design and install a bespoke network of devices, configured specifically for your setup. Contact our sales team to start the conversation about how we can transform your business.

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