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Top down image of an iphone and an ipad with Klevio app Top down image of an iphone and an ipad with Klevio app

Learn how Klevio can make your spaces safer during COVID-19

Klevio enables contactless access & remote access control, both powerful tools to minimise risk & contact in times of a global pandemic.

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Keyless access control

The Klevio App showing digital keys on it next to an image of physical keys

Remove all the hassles of key management

Klevio is a keyless access system that transfers all your keys & fobs to an online account - without changing a single lock:

  • your keys can never get lost or stolen,
  • you can unlock doors for people remotely,
  • share or revoke keys & monitor access activity.
A montage of the Klevio App, Klevio Dashboard and a Klevio device

A 3-part access solution

Klevio hardware is installed at your property to enable keyless access.

The Klevio Dashboard is your property management tool with advanced key sharing & monitoring features.

The Klevio Smartphone App is a digital key - a new way of unlocking doors for you, your employees, residents or clients.

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Klevio works great with contractors, tenants, last minute check-ins… We’re very happy with it – and with the customer service!

It’s easy to make your life easier

Our experts are here to help. There’s no obligation - just great support so you have all the information you need to make the right decision for you and your business.

Why your business needs Klevio

Short term lets

Enable 24/7 check-in for your guests - by sharing digital keys, or just letting them in remotely. You can also issue time-limited keys that only work for the duration of a guest’s stay.

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Property management

Remove the headache of managing large numbers of physical keys - digital keys cannot get lost or stolen. Keyless access is also contactless, and can be very valuable if you need to let people in remotely - especially in an emergency.

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Share & delegate access more efficiently. If your office is part of a larger building, Klevio can integrate with the existing entry system while any existing cards or fobs will continue working normally.

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Everything you need, today & ongoing

Dashboard for property management

Get access to features beyond the Klevio Smartphone App - including bulk user uploads, labelling and App-less Access. See a runthrough of the Dashboard

Share key management privilages

Give your admins the power to manage access to your properties with (re)shareable keys.

App-less Access

Enable people to use Klevio keys without downloading the Klevio App.

Device monitoring

We monitor over 15 health alarms for business package devices & will be in touch if anything goes wrong.

API access for integration

Integrate Klevio with your existing systems, such as your HR system, booking management platform and others.

Live chat & phone support

We provide support for both our clients & their end users via phone or the chat feature available on our website & in the Klevio App.

Optional hardware features & accessories

  • Intercom handset

    Choose a Klevio device that functions as handset as well, so you can use Klevio as you would a traditional intercom.

    Person using a Klevio device as an intercom handset
  • Keypads

    Do you have a space you'd like to access with just a simple pin code? Klevio can integrate with a range of keypads, all of which you can control safely from the Klevio Dashboard.

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  • Fob readers

    Klevio can also integrate with fob readers, enabling you to designate & track fobs from the Klevio Dashboard.

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    Fob reader
  • Fingerprint sensors

    Klevio integration solutions are also available for fingerprint sensors, enabling you to control & track locks with fingerprint identification from your Klevio apps.

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    Fingerprint sensor

A custom approach

Woman holding a Klevio device at a board meeting

Contact us for more information

We can design and install a bespoke network of devices, configured specifically for your setup. Contact our Solutions Team to discuss how Klevio can transform your business.

Organisations of all sizes trust Klevio

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