Klevio for your business

Transform the way your business manages keys

Meet Klevio - a smart intercom system that streamlines the hassles of key management. Remove the risk of keys going missing by replacing them with virtual ones, let people into your properties remotely, control who has access and keep tabs on when they enter – all done from your personal dashboard. And you don’t even need to change a single lock.

The Benefits

  • No more physical keys

    For many businesses, managing large numbers of keys can be a real headache. WIth Klevio’s virtual keys you’ll never have to cut, collect, store or assign physical keys ever again.

  • Control everything remotely

    No need to be on site to let contractors or colleagues in. You can let them in remotely, allowing you to cover a wider area, freeing up your schedule and saving on travelling costs.

  • Plan ahead

    You can allocate time-limited keys that will only work for the duration that you specify, lightening your workload in the process.

  • No changing locks or replacing intercoms

    Installing Klevio doesn’t involve changing your locks. It’s retrofitted by one of our experienced installers and if you want to keep your old intercom, you can.

  • Monitor access

    Your access log lets you check who’s been entering your properties, so you can see if a contractor has arrived on time, or if someone’s been in without your consent.

Your 3-part solution to access management


  • Integrates with your existing access system either as a replacement or an addition to your current setup
  • It can also be used independently of your access system to drive electric locks and electric strikes directly
  • WiFi and 4G enabled options


  • See a full overview of who has keys at any one time
  • Issue and revoke multiple keys at the click of a button
  • See a time-coded activity log showing who’s been entering your properties, and when


  • Grant access to your properties remotely using your smartphone
  • See all keys to your properties on your phone
  • Issue and revoke keys in an instant
  • Users can access using their phone instead of fob or key