Your phone can
now open doors

Klevio lets you open doors — from anywhere — and share virtual keys using your smartphone

Be one of the first to experience the magic by becoming a Klevio beta tester

  1. Test installations
    from September
  2. Limited number
    of spaces available
  3. Free device and
    free installation

Why are you still using your keys?

Lighten the load

Leave your keys at home

You timed your run, checked your route and caught up on a podcast all from your phone, so why are you still letting yourself in with your keys? The Klevio’s app lets you open multiple doors with just your phone, so next time you hit the streets, give your keys a break.

Unlock your time

Share and unshare keys instantly

No more waiting at key cutters or meeting up to hand over your spares. Klevio lets you give people you trust virtual keys, so they can let themselves in using their phone. And the second you don’t want them to have access any more, you can delete them - instantly.

Don’t hurry home

Open your doors from anywhere

Guests arrived at your place before you have? Delivery turned up while you’re still stuck at work? Not a problem. With Klevio, you can buzz people in from wherever you are, even if that’s miles from your front door.

So can we tempt you to become a Klevio beta tester?

It works for:

  1. Most types
    of lock
  2. Multiple doors
    communal and private
  3. Apartments
    and houses

With Klevio, your app is your key


Control your doors with your fingertips

Keep all of your virtual keys in one place, and unlock any of your doors — from wherever you are in the world — with the swipe of a button.


Give out and revoke keys instantly

Share virtual keys with people you trust, so they can let themselves in when you’re not there. All you need is their email address — all they need is our app. You can see at a glance who has keys to which of your doors, and revoke access instantly if you want to.


Personalise your keys

Give each of your keys its own name and description, then assign a colour and icon so you can easily distinguish them from each other. You can also change the order in which they appear in your list.

Klevio is on the App store and Google Play

App Store Google Play

Let us convince you

  1. Keep your
  2. Keep your
  3. Invisible from


So how can an app open my doors?
It can’t by itself. It has to work alongside our device that we’d need to fit in your home. But for our beta trial, we’re giving them away for free and installing them for you too, so once you’ve got both you’ll be up and running in no time (without having to take your keys with you)!
I’ve got a communal door as well as a front door - can it do both?
Yes, Klevio is the only product of its kind that can work for both communal and personal doors. And you won’t need to replace any locks or visibly tamper with the communal door, so it won’t cause any problems with your landlord/managing agent or neighbours.
You say it works from anywhere. Really?
Yes, 100%. You don’t have to be standing directly outside, which is why this is great for buzzing people in when you’re not home. As long as your phone has an internet connection, you’ll be able to use the app from anywhere in the world.
What if my phone battery dies?
Your physical keys will still work, so you can always carry them as a back-up, although it’s often easier to find a phone charger than lost or forgotten keys. Plus you can always log into our app on someone else’s phone and let yourself in that way (just remember to log out again to keep things secure).
And what if my phone is stolen?
Our keys are fully secure as they’re only accessible from your account within the app and use similar security to online banking. Plus our app icon is deliberately designed to be discreet, so as not to indicate that your phone has the power to unlock your doors. But if you’d like an extra level of protection, you can always set up a PIN lock for the app itself, as well as for your handset.

You’ve read this far so what’s stopping you?