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Your phone
can now open doors

Open doors and share virtual keys from anywhere

What is Klevio?

It’s your key to a less cluttered life

We’ve created a home access system - a smart intercom that enables you to open doors using virtual keys, uncluttering your bags, pockets and your schedule, without any compromise on security.

Your app is your key

Your app lets you open doors with a swipe and press of your fingertips, share and revoke virtual keys instantly, and see when others have entered at a glance.

Works on multiple doors

Our device is like a smart lock - only smarter, in look and function. It’s the only home access product that works on multiple doors. You can control your building and flat doors with a single device.

Keep your existing keys

Klevio is retrofitted to your existing locks and doors so you don't need to change any of your locks and you can keep your old keys.

Life With Klevio:
The Benefits

  • Leave your keys at home

    You timed your run, checked your route and caught up on a podcast all from your phone - so why are you still letting yourself in with your keys? The Klevio app lets you open multiple doors with just your phone, so next time you hit the streets, give your keys a break.

  • Share and unshare keys instantly

    No more waiting at key cutters or meeting up to hand over your spares. Klevio lets you give virtual keys to people you trust, so they can let themselves into your home using their phone. And the second you don’t want them to have access anymore, you can delete them - instantly.

  • Open from anywhere

    Guests arrived at your place before you have? Delivery turned up while you’re still stuck at work? Not a problem. With Klevio, you can buzz people in from wherever you are, even if that’s miles from your front door.

  • Mobile intercom: coming soon...

    Soon you’ll also be able to speak to people at your door directly through your app, even when you're not at home, transforming your phone into a personal, mobile intercom.

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