Jobs at Klevio

Klevio is changing the way we think about access by creating a product that allows you to unlock your doors with your phone.

We are building this brand new technology from scratch, creating the commercial and operational business from our Shoreditch office and building hardware/software out of our counterpart office in Ljubljana.

Field Operative

We are looking for a practical problem-solver to come on board to install our product for customers across London. While this role is centred around practical work, this is no ordinary handyman job – we are constantly prototyping, experimenting and trying to expand our compatibility, so you will have to write the rulebook as you go.

We are looking for someone confident, practical and independent who can be the face of Klevio in the real world. Beyond the bread-and-butter installations, you will frequently be faced with new types of locks and intercom systems which we haven’t encountered before. We need someone with the skills and drive to dive in and understand how things work to get the job done. The things you learn in practical application will help broaden our knowledge base and inform our product design on a daily basis.

This job offers a rare mix of practical and intellectual work, so we’re looking for someone who is equally excited by playing with power tools and exposure to life in a London technology start-up. There is no precise mould for the person we need - you could be a graduate, smart handyman, hobbyist, technologist or keen DIYer looking to put practical skills to work. If you think you have what it takes or would like to learn more, please get in touch.

Role & Responsibilities

  • Installing Klevio around London, which involves mounting devices, installing and cabling electric strikes, replacing or integrating intercom handsets with Klevio
  • Relentlessly problem solving – what has gone wrong with this hardware or software? How can we integrate Klevio with this new access system?
  • Working with our operations team to build the next version of our product by feeding back problems and ideas from the field to our office
  • Contributing to building a slick operation in London


  • A proven self-starter with a drive to succeed in an entrepreneurial environment
  • A keen interest in electronics, with a solid understanding of the basics and an ability to diagnose problems on the spot. Experience with intercoms and access systems is a bonus, but not essential
  • Confidence with general decorative work - e.g. change a lock, drill and fill holes, route cables
  • Good people skills - you will often provide the first face-to-face interaction between Klevio and our customers, so we're looking for someone who can represent us well
  • Computer savvy - we are building a technology product and you will have to interact with many of our operational systems
  • Fit - this is a physical role which will require carrying tools up and down staircases, so a degree of physical fitness is required
  • A strong technical degree (science/engineering) or equivalent experience will be beneficial

How to apply

If you think you're a good fit, tell us why, send your CV and links to your work to [email protected]. No need to email if you're a recruiter.

Research & development

Join us if you are a...

Backend developer - intermediate/senior (Ljubljana)

We want you to have experience:

  • building, testing and deploying APIs and other services
  • developing with python3 and asynchronous frameworks
  • working with websockets, databases and secure protocols

You don't need to fit all, but we'll like you more if you fit many.

Why Klevio?

You get to work in a challenging environment where a lot of parts are black boxes with unknown sources and side effects. At the end of the day, you'll be able to hold the things you build in your hands.

We believe in work-life balance and rarely work long hours. We want to take good care of you. These are also some of the goodies you'll get:

  • experienced start-up team
  • proper hardware (unless you want to BYOD)
  • conference budget (depending on seniority)
  • office space with plenty of sun light, great transportation options and free parking in Ljubljana
  • occasionally work from our London office
  • passionate coworkers with attention to detail
  • access to Bob the Makerbot
  • free cakes (our CEO is a certified pastry chef)

We encourage unusual hobbies and listen to new ideas.

We're looking for...

  • Independence. We're a small team, so we like it if everybody manages their own projects. That said, we like people to stick to what was agreed upon and speak up if they get stuck.
  • Ability to get things done. There's always things you can improve but we need to move fast so deploying is paramount.
  • Availability to work from our office in Ljubljana, Slovenia. You can work remotely now and then, but we'd like you to be in the office most of the time.

This job is for you if:

  • You like to work in a small team where things move quickly.
  • You like to challenge yourself.
  • You want an active role not only in shaping products, but also developing company and its culture
  • You like a good cake now and then.

Why you might not be a good fit:

  • You like to know what you'll be doing in three months. We're a start-up, things change on a daily basis.
  • You like to stay in your comfort zone. We're a small team and learn as we go what needs doing and better ways of doing it, everybody needs to adapt.
  • You like established slowly-changing processes.

How to apply

If you think you're a good fit, tell us why, send your CV and links to your work to [email protected]. No need to email if you're a recruiter.

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