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How it works

Buzz people in from wherever you are,
even if it’s the other side of the world

Your app and device working together to unlock doors

Klevio is different to an ordinary smart lock - in fact it’s not even a lock, but it is smarter. It’s made up of two elements: an intercom device and an app, which work together to allow you to open doors from your smartphone, from anywhere. When triggered by the app, our secure servers communicate with the the device and instruct it to open your doors.

Your app: The power to open doors

  • Unlock doors with a touch of your fingertips

    Store virtual keys on your phone and unlock your doors - from anywhere in the world - with the swipe and press of a button

  • Share and revoke keys instantly

    Share virtual keys with people you trust, so they can let themselves in when you’re not there – and revoke them instantly too.

  • Issue keys for a time-limited period

    Issue keys that will only work for the duration that you specify, and are deleted automatically once that period has expired.

  • See who’s entered

    See the people you’ve shared keys with and keep tabs on when they’ve entered your home via a time-coded activity log.

Your device: Easy to install - and easy on the eye, too.

  • Hassle free set-up

    One of our experienced team will come round and install your device. It only takes an hour or two, and you don’t even need to be in while it’s done. We might also need to fit an electric strike into your door frame, but this is a simple process we will take care of.

  • Works with existing locks

    Installing Klevio doesn’t involve changing your locks, so you can keep your original keys as a back-up. It’s retrofitted and if you have an existing intercom you want to keep, you can (or you can replace it altogether with Klevio).

  • Opens communal and front doors

    Unlike any other product on the market, Klevio works with multiple doors, so if you live in an apartment building you can use Klevio to open the communal door as well as your own front door.

  • Secure and discreet

    Klevio uses bank-level encryption standards, giving you the same peace of mind as when you make bank transactions with your phone. Also, because the device is only visible from inside your home, no-one will even know you have it.

  • Klevio device in detail

    • Size (mm): 160 x 160 x 34
    • Connectivity: Bluetooth LE 5, WiFi b/g/n (2.4GHz, WPA2)
    • Power: 12V/2A, power supply 100-240V~50/60Hz 0.5A
    • Intercom compatibility: 2-wire and 5-wire systems

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